Is this an Emergency?

I have Chest Pain:

If you are having mild chest pain, we would encourage you to take an Aspirin, and immediately call the office at 407-730-8970.

If your Chest pain is unbearable, then this is seen as an emergency- Call 911 and go to the nearest hospital.

My Blood Pressure is High:

Give us a call at 407-730-8970.

If your blood pressure is above 160 systolic (The top number), re-check your blood pressure a second time. If it still reads over 160, we would encourage you to call our office.

Depending on the conversation and situation, we may instruct you to take medications or have to direct you to the nearest emergency room.

I am having Leg Pain:

Give us a call at 407-730-8970 so we can assess you.

I am having groin/access site pain and swelling after a recent procedure:

Call our office immediately at 407-730-8970

I am bleeding from the access site of a recent procedure:

Lie flat, hold firm pressure to the site and call 911.

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