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What Is Endovascular Treatment?

When dealing with the variety of potential issues that can affect blood vessels, in the past, doctors often had to turn to invasive surgical intervention in order to treat them. But many of these problems can now be addressed with endovascular treatment, an innovative and less invasive alternative to surgery. You can learn much more about endovascular treatment from your local experts at Heart and Vascular Care, Dr. Pradip Baiju and Dr. Farshid Daneshvar, in Orlando, Longwood, Kissimmee, and Orange City, FL.

When It's Used

Among the types of conditions that can be treated with endovascular treatment are aneurysms, which occur when an artery becomes enlarged and its walls weakened. Endovascular treatment can also be used to perform an angioplasty, a procedure that can be used to repair or unblock a blood vessel, typically a coronary artery. A stent is usually also used during an angioplasty, which is a small mesh tube that can be left behind to permanently hold a passage open.


Because of the way endovascular treatments are performed, they are far less invasive than alternative surgical treatments. Because they are minimally invasive they also involve less discomfort, shorter recovery periods, and reduced stress on the heart, which makes endovascular treatments possible for high-risk patients.

What To Expect

Endovascular treatment is performed inside the veins so only a small incision is required, and typically you may only require regional anesthesia or a sedative.

Prior to treatment your doctor will go over your medical history and conduct a thorough physical examination. Your heart's health is also tested prior to the procedure, using stress tests and an electrocardiogram (ECG), among others.

Endovascular Treatment in Orlando, Longwood, Kissimmee, and Orange City, FL

If you want to find out if endovascular treatment is the right treatment for your needs you can schedule a consultation with Dr. Baiju and Dr. Daneshvar of Heart and Vascular Care in Orlando, Longwood, Kissimmee, and Orange City, FL by dialing (407) 730-8970.

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