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Cardiovascular Disease FAQs

Perhaps because of family history, or because you suffer from a related condition, or maybe you have some less than healthy health habits, whatever the case, you may have good reason to be concerned about heart disease and probably have some questions to ask. Heart disease, or as it's otherwise known, cardiovascular disease, is actually a term that is used to encompass a wide variety of conditions that affect your cardiovascular system. As a whole, cardiovascular disease can be very dangerous, it is the leading cause of death in the United States, but in most cases, it is highly preventable so it's very important to become informed. A few of the most commonly asked questions regarding cardiovascular disease are addressed below but to learn much more you can contact Heart and Vascular Care with Dr. Pradip Baiju in Orlando, Longwood, and Kissimmee, FL.

Who’s at Risk of Cardiovascular Disease?

As mentioned above, having a history of cardiovascular disease in your family can increase your chances of developing it yourself. There are other factors that can also play a role, like ethnicity, age, if you're older, and sex, if you're male.

What Can Be Done to Prevent It?

Previous examples were risk factors that are out of your control, but to reduce your chances you can look to the ones you can. Bad health habits like physical inactivity, improper diet, and smoking all put you at greater risk. So can the conditions these habits can lead to, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

How Is It Treated?

Because there are different types of cardiovascular disease each treatment depends on your own individual needs. But for most, treatment involves a combination of lifestyle changes and medication. However, more invasive treatments may be necessary for certain circumstances, such as to keep symptoms from worsening.

Cardiovascular Disease Treatment in Orlando, Longwood, and Kissimmee, FL

If you are concerned about cardiovascular disease and want help preventing or treating the condition you can schedule an appointment with Dr. Baiju of Heart and Vascular Care in Orlando, Longwood, and Kissimmee, FL, by dialing (407) 730-8970.

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