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Endovascular Treatment: What You Should Know

Find out if endovascular therapy is the best way to treat your vascular disease. 

The blood vessels are responsible for carrying blood to all parts of the body including vital organs; however, when blood vessels become narrow or blocked, our Orlando, FL, cardiologist Dr. Pradip Baiju may recommend endovascular treatment, a procedure that opens up the blocked blood vessels to restore blood flow.

Endovascular Treatment Treats Cardiovascular Disease 

Before endovascular treatment was around, our Orlando, FL, cardiologist would have to perform invasive open surgery to treat damaged or blocked blood vessels in the heart. Now, endovascular treatment has changed the way our cardiology team treats everything from stroke to heart attacks and aneurysms and peripheral artery disease (PAD). This procedure is far less invasive, which means fewer side effects, shorter hospital stays, and a faster recovery process.

How Endovascular Treatment Works 

This catheter-based procedure is performed inside the artery by making small incisions in the groan, from which a catheter is placed and guided into the blood vessels. We will use advanced imaging technology to be able to open up the blockage and place a stent. A stent will make sure that blood continues to flow through the vessel and that it doesn’t get blocked again. The procedure usually takes about two hours to complete.

Endovascular Treatment: Who Can Benefit 

The endovascular treatment provides more of our heart and vascular patients with additional treatment options to consider instead of just open surgery. We can help younger patients feel better and get back to work sooner through this minimally invasive technique (most people can return to work within two weeks after endovascular treatment, as compared to the 6-8 weeks with open surgery).

People who are too high risk to undergo open surgery may be an ideal candidate for endovascular treatment, providing patients dealing with more serious heart and vascular problems with more treatment options.

If you have questions about undergoing endovascular treatment or if you have concerns about vascular disease, our Orlando, FL, cardiologist Dr. Baiju and the team at Heart and Vascular Care are here to provide you with the answers and care you need. To schedule an evaluation, call us today at (407) 730-8970.

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